Microscope Enhanced Dentistry

The Ultimate in Precision and Beauty

Licari-9175Some dentists talk about how precise and accurate their dentistry is because they use dental loupes for magnification. Dr. Graziano takes dental precision one step farther with Microscope Dentistry.

Dr. Graziano uses microscopes in all aspects of diagnosis, treatment and repair. Why? He thinks his patients’ smiles are worth the effort.

The microscope allows Dr. Graziano to see every aspect of your teeth in exquisite detail, and consistently perform precise restorative and cosmetic operations. When it comes to the health and beauty of your smile, isn’t that exactly what you want?

Using this microscopic dental technology allows Dr. Graziano to:

  • Treat cavities and clear away decay at microscopic levels for longer lasting repair and a healthier mouth.
  • Place fillings and other restorations so that they are undetectable to the eye or tongue.
  • Check impressions for the ultimate in meticulous restorative and cosmetic accuracy
  • Create beautiful and natural-looking dental repairs
For more information about how microscope dentistry from Dr. Frank Graziano can help you find the ultimate in health and beauty, call us today!