Intra-Oral Camera

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Getting Up Close and Personal with Tuckahoe’s Smiles

A favorite with our patients, an intra-oral camera lets us take your dentistry to the next level of preventive care. Because it produces an enlarged, full color image of your mouth in real-time, you can view it right along with Dr. Graziano and see the current condition of your mouth. Our new patients are always amazed – they have never seen their mouths this up close and personal!

What are Intra-Oral Cameras?

While an intra-oral camera works just like a larger digital camera, they are tiny enough to fit comfortably in your mouth. The camera is located in the tip of a wand and transmits video and photos for you and Dr. Graziano to review. The wand is covered with a disposable plastic sheath, similar to an electronic thermometer, to keep the procedure sterile and comfortable.

Why are Intra-Oral Camera Exams so Important?

Intra-oral camera technology can help Dr. Graziano detect and address problems before they become serious. This is a crucial part of conservative and preventative dental treatment. When conditions such as cavities or gum disease are caught in their earliest stages, less invasive corrective treatment is possible. This not only saves you money, it may save your teeth!

In addition facilitating more conservative and preventive treatment, this technology allows us to easily and clearly document what you are looking at, uploading it to a computer. This means that we can use these images, along with your digital x-rays, as a baseline for future comparisons and diagnosis.