Ultrasonic Cleaning

To protect your teeth, gums and body from periodontal disease, you must thoroughly remove the plaque and calculus – hardened and difficult to destroy bacteria – that builds up along the gum line. In the past, the only way to remove this plaque was by scraping your teeth and gums with bulky and sharp metal hand tools, a process that could be painful and require Novocain to accomplish. Now, improved technology allows us to clean and clear the gum line with ultrasonic waves.

Ultrasonic technology uses sound waves to gently and effectively remove tartar from both above and below the gum line. It’s much more comfortable and effective!

Why Ultrasonic Cleaning is so Beneficial

One of the first steps we take in cleaning and healing your gums is to remove the buildup with the technology of the Cavitron® ultrasonic scaler. The scaler has a very small tip that produces soft and quiet ultrasonic vibrations. These ultrasonic vibrations are combined with a jet of water for gentle and ultra-effective removal of calculus and reduction of harmful bacteria below the gum line.

Cavitron cleanings are so gentle they it can even be used to administer deep cleaning and gum therapy, many times without the need for anesthetic.