Full Mouth Restoration

Tuckahoe’s Choice for Healthy Happy Mouths

Have you been struggling with your teeth? Have you been to dentist after dentist and always leave wondering when you will need your next repair? Do you feel helpless, watching your teeth crumble and fail?

Dr. Graziano has a solution that can help you get your smile back to health and your dentistry under control – a full mouth restoration.

What is a Full Mouth Restoration?

The name says it all: in a full mouth restoration, we look at your mouth as a whole and address your every need.

Because it is a perfect combination of restorative, cosmetic and neuromuscular dentistry, full mouth restorations allow us to make astonishing repairs, while balancing and restoring the mouth to proper health, function and beauty. Because it is a combination of whatever dentistry you need, a full mouth restoration lets you finally have a smile you can relax with; one that is both beautiful and comfortable.

We’ll see people who have had their whole mouth restored ten years ago and they are just coming in for hygiene and they are so happy because it is lasting and still comfortable. We love that!

To find out if Full Mouth Restoration can restore your confidence, call for your appointment today!


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