Full and Partial Dentures


Are you sick and tired of dentures that feel awful, look unnatural and make chewing a chore? We have the solution! Dr. Frank Graziano creates custom fitted, cosmetic full and partial dentures that will have you smiling and eating with confidence in no time!

Why Would I Want Cosmetic Dentures?

Eating, talking and laughing are some of life’s greatest pleasures.

Sadly, if you wear traditional dentures, you might be missing out. Many people who wear dentures not only have trouble chewing, they avoid eating in public for fear that their dentures will come loose. Others never feel free to smile because they are embarrassed by the small and unnatural teeth of their dentures. Others find communication a struggle because their dentures interfere with their speech and make odd noises at unexpected times.

Dr. Graziano wants to help you set your smile free. That’s why he now offers precision-fitted, cosmetic dentures.

Every full or partial dentures created by Dr. Graziano is dynamically fitted to your face, bite and jaw. This precision fitting makes the dentures more comfortable and much less abrasive than conventional dentures, with less cramping or fatigue. These dentures let you to eat with much more security and speak without discomfort.

Many of our patients tell us that most people never realize they are wearing dentures, but think they are natural, healthy teeth.

If you are a candidate for implants, we can also create implant-supported dentures for the ultimate in fit, comfort and security. Talk to us about our tooth replacement options today!