Dental Implants


Have you lost a tooth or been told that you need a tooth extracted? Do you feel discouraged and depressed at the idea of wearing full or partial dentures? Stop worrying and start smiling! Dr. Frank Graziano offers the innovation of natural and comfortable dental implant restorations right here in Tuckahoe, NY.

What Are Dental Implants?

Nothing rivals the comfort and convenience of a dental implant. The concept is relatively simple: an implant post is placed by a dental surgeon or periodontist who works cooperatively with Dr. Graziano. This post acts like a tooth root, stabilizing and strengthening your jawbone. It actually integrates with the bone to act as a permanent replacement!

After the post is integrated and healed, Dr. Graziano will work with you to design and create a beautiful new tooth. We make sure that it fits you and your bite perfectly for comfort, balance and strength. Once the replacement tooth is placed on your post, the implant post and replacement tooth work together to essentially give you a brand new tooth that feels and functions just like the tooth you lost.

Why Would I Want a Dental Implant?

Missing teeth not only look unattractive, they can have serious effects on your bite leading to TMJ, headaches, tooth shifting and chewing dysfunction. When implant crowns are properly designed and placed, they balance your bite and allow your teeth, jaw and muscles to function properly. And even our most beautifully designed partials or dentures won’t prevent bone loss. Only a dental implant can do that.

If you are missing most of your teeth, dental implants can be used to hold implant-supported dentures. These specially designed dentures offer superior fit and comfort without the need for adhesives and without fear of slipping or loss.

Best of all, dental implants last. Numerous studies have proven that, in the United States, properly placed and designed implants still function as they should after 20 years!

Talk to us about how dental implants and implant supported dentures can help you find your smile again!