Fluoride Treatments


Every day you do something that can potentially damage your teeth – you eat sugary foods and drink acidic drinks. Even if you never touch a soda, juice and wine can take a toll on your enamel.

One way to help strengthen your teeth and reverse this damage is through re-mineralizing Fluoride treatments.

While you may have always thought of Fluoride treatments as something for children, adults can benefit from Fluoride as well. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral known for its benefits in fighting tooth decay, stopping the progress of newly formed cavities and making the tooth more resistant to attacks from plaque bacteria, acids and sugars. We don’t push Fluoride for our adult patients, but if you are decay or cavity prone, or drink un-fluoridated water, we will suggest Fluoride treatments.

Dr. Graziano also likes to use Fluoride to treat anyone who has had major restorative work.

If you want more information about how adult Fluoride treatments can help protect your teeth, give us a call 914.793.4411 today!