Cosmetic Bonding

dental bonding

The Artful Way to Perfect Eastchester Smiles

Do you have some minor wear or cracking on your teeth and don’t want the commitment of porcelain veneers? Have you tried tooth whitening but your stubborn discolorations just won’t go away? Are your teeth gapped a little and you’d like a conservative way to fix that space?

Cosmetic Dental Bonding – a Flexible Solution

Cosmetic dental bonding is a great solution for these and many more cosmetic and restorative problems. But because bonding is done by hand right in your mouth, you don’t want just any dentist to apply your dental bonding.

Dr. Graziano’s artistic sensibility really becomes evident when he is bonding teeth. He starts with the best bonding materials available and then layer by layer, he sculpts the material to recreate a perfect tooth or teeth. The layers are shaded and varied to duplicate the depth of color and the color gradations that occur in natural teeth, and to match the teeth around the tooth being repaired.

Once the bonding is hardened and polished, your teeth will look perfectly natural, beautiful and better than ever before.

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